Rites of passage- Death/Funeral

when someone die in Islam, first the person that died will see the angel of death approach them and take their soul either violently or softly it depends based on this person's deeds
secondly this person will be questioned by two angels "munkar" and "nakeer" who will ask the person three questions:

1-Who is your lord?
2-Who is your prophet?
3-What is your religion? 

-The person will either answer strongly if they were believers in Allah (God) and followed the holy text of Allah: the Torah Bible and Quran.
Also the person who dies cannot commit anymore good deeds in their grave, as well the person will either suffer or enjoy glimpses of heaven in the grave based on their deeds and faith they had before they died.

-Some people will go straight to hell if they didn’t answer the questions right and never come out, some will go straight to heaven, and some will spend some time in hell and then go to heaven because they didn’t do that many bad stuff in there life, so god forgive them.
-In preparation for burial, the family or other members of the people will wash and cover the body with sheets of clean, white cloth. 
The deceased is then will go to the site of the funeral prayers. The funeral prayer is similar to the prayer that they usually pray every day five times. 
After their done with the prayer the deceased then is taken to the cemetery for burial. While all the members of the community attend the funeral prayers, only the men get to attend the to the graveside.